A couple worked hard building houses and milking cows to realise their dream of creating their own winery.

It was time for a change, time to start planning for retirement. They had a vision of sun-drenched days tending their vines and entertaining visitors with a drop or two of their own wine.

The couple went home and began planning to turn the dream into reality. With only their own resources to draw on, it has taken a while, but almost 20 years later they have finally made it.

Warren used his building skills to produce a stylised French gothic abbey that provides cellar door tastings and a winemaking centre. At 69, he was still hammering nails.

Jan and daughter Natarsha have split the North Island sales between them, travelling between a selection of liquor stores and supermarkets. Jan also creates the top platters in Hawke's Bay!

Jan's favourite wine is Riesling and Warren's is Cabernet.

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