Gothic Abbey Recreated

Gothic Abbey Recreated - Waikato Times

Abbey Cellars is built to impress. It has the form of a gothic abbey and the owners Jan and Warren Haworth, say "the name was inspired by many years of travel and a penchant for the churches, cathedrals and abbeys fo years gone by".

The grapes are grown in the vineyard at Bridge Pa, which has the red metal soils that have produced robust flavours for red wine by other producers.

Existing plantings have produced wines and blends from cabernet and merlot. They also offer a couple of interesting Rieslings.

2009 Abbey Cellars Riesling. It has bright colour with open citrus blossom aromas and has a slight sweetness on the nose. It is off dry in style but it finishes crisp and clean.
2006 Abbey Cellars 'Graduate' Merlot Cabernet has bright colour. This wine has open plum aromas and the palate has robust flavours of plums and cassis with firm tannin in the middle of the palate. It all lingers right through the palate.
2006 Abbey Cellars 'Cardinal' Cabernet Sauvignon is all cabernet cassis aromas on the nose and then on the palate. The taste is warm and full of dusty tannin.

Peter Shaw, March 2010

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